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In actuality, assembling an outfit is similar to selecting an armor except that this armor is for social occasions and not war.
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In life, we are all leaders. Being a leader business wise is different from being a leader in the world as it stands. Not only does it involve strategy, branding and tact for handling issues, it also involves the ability to hold forth in situations that are seemingly intricate.
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You have most likely read about the Serena Williams debacle, depending from where you read it from, you may be prejudiced as to the judgement you should infer from the entire situation. From the feminist point of view, the situation represented a struggle that is imminent. For the female leaders, it is a showpiece of the struggle that seems unending.
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The twenty first century workplace is one that is rapidly evolving when compared to the centuries past. Progress have been rapidly made and this is good news for women in the workplace. Not only are women now at the board room table, a few are seated at the head of the table.