The suppression isn’t going to stop; stay tough

The suppression isn’t going to stop; stay tough

The suppression isn’t going to stop; stay tough

You have most likely read about the Serena Williams debacle, depending from where you read it from, you may be prejudiced as to the judgement you should infer from the entire situation. From the feminist point of view, the situation represented a struggle that is imminent. For the female leaders, it is a showpiece of the struggle that seems unending.

One fact that remains unchanged regardless of how the situation presents itself is that the women of color, no matter how high up the ladder of corporate leadership there are, must be prepared for battle. It is only that, this time it is Serena Williams and her cat suit that is at the forefront of the assault. There are so many premises to deduce from; if it were a man who decided to wear the same attire, would it have caused the same furor? Or if the same issue had happened with a white woman, would the reactions have been the same? Maybe, maybe not, but I doubt that the reaction of the Tennis body to crack down on such clothing items wouldn’t have been so swift and unanimous.

This is no racial slur or a feminism brouhaha, it is a reminder of the fact that never will the suppression and crackdown against women stop. Especially not against women of color, so it is your duty as a black woman to continue to stay strong, it is your responsibility to never back down. Around here, we don’t broach a problem without talking about the solution. What can you do when suppression is getting to you? What can you do in preparation for suppression?

Stay tough

Understand that the world, as it were today, is one that is continually evolving. It is still in a somewhat primitive state and everything is still very color coded. This is not a racial statement; it is only a fact. You must therefore, as a colored woman be prepared to stay tough for as long as it takes. It may be days, weeks or even years, just stay the course knowing that you are not alone.

Polish your competitive edge

Something got you into that fix, the way to get out of it is to polish your edge. Serena skill and the fact that she could go on to win despite the cat suit was what got her into the fix, yours could be standing up for what is right. Whatever it is that you have being doing, the onus lies on you that as the going gets tougher, you must constantly up your skill and fine tune your talent.

Stand in solidarity

The suppression period is one when the essence of solidarity and togetherness is experienced. It would be unwise to stay all alone and remain detached during those trying period. This is why you must be passionate about family and community; they will be there with you every step of the way.

The suppression is not going to stop, you have to toughen up and stand up to the challenge.


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