A leader with an edge of persistence

A leader with an edge of persistence

A leader with an edge of persistence

In life, we are all leaders. Being a leader business wise is different from being a leader in the world as it stands. Not only does it involve strategy, branding and tact for handling issues, it also involves the ability to hold forth in situations that are seemingly intricate. A leader in the business world must be able to exhibit characters that are befitting of a leader. It is usually thought that such characters and traits are exclusively masculine but that has been proven to not only be incorrect but to be fatally wrong.

The century we are in have seen the rise of women into positions of power, some precariously and some absolute in themselves. This is not a one country wonder; it is a global phenomenon. Of late, the battle has shifted from the gender front to the racial front. It is now common to hear views that tends towards the belief that the colored woman cannot be an efficient leader, it is believed in some quarters that while she can be efficient, she cannot be as efficient as her white counterpart.

These assumptions are wicked and false; it is even demeaning to think such thoughts. The fact remains that any woman of any color, race, ethnic group, religion or culture can be an effective leader if only the basic principles that guide leaders would be followed appropriately. Here we go:

Honesty and integrity

President Dwight Eisenhower once said the supreme quality of leadership is unquestionable integrity. When a leader is lax about telling the truth, meaningful success may be impossible in such an enterprise. A leader must stand for what is right and women have proven to be able to do that regardless of their color.


Have you ever come across a woman with confidence, one that is obvious enough to shock you? There are a lot of them and as confidence is a key Ingredient in the recipe for effective leadership, it is only normal to cultivate this habit.

Commitment and passion

A leader must be willing to stay the course regardless of what is happening at a particular point in time. A lot of people believe that a woman’s commitment and passion is shown only in the raising of good children, I say no. If they can exhibit it in raising the next generation, they can exhibit just anywhere else. This is also not an issue of color, it is a quality that can be cultivated by any one; male or female, young or old, white or colored.

Ability to motivate

A leader regardless of the gender or qualification must be able to motivate effectively, else the leader runs the risk of not getting anything done. The motivation comes via effective communication and as such, this is an important tool in the arsenal of a leader or aspiring leader.

Anyone can be a leader; you must never allow yourself to be relegated to the background because of your gender or because of the color of your skin

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