You are a leader, dress the part

You are a leader, dress the part

You are a leader, dress the part

The twenty first century workplace is one that is rapidly evolving when compared to the centuries past. Progress have been rapidly made and this is good news for women in the workplace. Not only are women now at the board room table, a few are seated at the head of the table.

It is usually a commonly held view that women do not make for efficient bosses, the view upscale when the woman at the head of the table is colored. In fact, the view is scalding when the woman in question is black. Meanwhile, a key component of what has reinforced that view and belief by most people is dressing. Men have no problem decking themselves in the board room battle garb; sharp suit, a fantastic, sparkling wristwatch, a top notch shoe and of course, a dead pan expression but with females, the story is different.

So, how can you dress powerfully without ditching your femininity?

Simple never disappoints

One mistake that the colored woman is prone to making when dressing powerfully is the ditching of the simple wear in a bid to look aristocratic or conform to the idea of dressing powerfully. Truth is, in the eye of the subordinates, she will seem like a delicate, fragile thing trying to hide behind a multitude of clothing material. That is against the original intention that power dressing is supposed to achieve. Never ditch the simple, and please do not forget this.

Nothing bets a pantsuit

If you are ever going to be involved in a board room duel, nothing beats a pant suit. Not only because it will be the official uniform for all present; and that includes both male and female. A pant suit will also to improve your own personal confidence and can allow you to take your mind off your dressing and concentrating on the matter at hand.

Don’t forget the shoes

A lot of women, particularly black women dress as though they have only the upper part of their body to cater for. You must not make this mistake; the first part of your body that a casual observer would look at is your legs and if you haven’t got nice shoes on, you have failed the dressing test. Do your best to invest in quality footwear’s, it’s worth it.

Your comfort is of the essence

Never sacrifice your comfort for anything and particularly not for power dressing. No matter how much you would like a fashion article, you should never wear it if you are not comfortable with wearing it. Your comfort is obviously more important than how powerfully you dress, and never you forget that.

Work on your esteem

As much as this post is about fashion and style, your sense of esteem as a woman who holds a key position in the corporate world is very important. While you can dress powerfully, your esteem will end up showing how powerful you are beyond the shenanigans of power dressing.

You are a leader, dress the part. It does not matter what ring of the corporate ladder you are on, looking good is good business.


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