Top Three Accessory Trends of 2017
    Top Three Accessory Trends of 2017

    Top Three Accessory Trends of 2017

    The top trending accessory in 2017 is a necklaces. It is all about necklaces right now and the wide variety they come in too. Fashion bloggers and style enthusiasts can't get enough of them. Chokers have been trending for over a year now, since the 90’s. Now other necklaces are starting to trend again as well. Here are the top 3 trendiest necklaces.

    Adjustable Necklaces

    Adjustable necklaces are so fun and really cute as well. Layering your necklaces is always a trending style, and since chokers are too this necklace is perfect. An adjustable necklace gives you the best of both worlds. You can adjust a chain at choker length and keep the rest longer and layer them. Layered necklaces are a fun and exciting accessory to add to your jewelry collection. This style is chic, edgy, and very flirty.


    Chokers are here to stay now, and because of that they will always be trending going forward. This style first started trending in the 90’s and then it slowly faded. Today the choker is back and it has been for quite some time now. It's like we all must have figured out how amazing chokers make your neck look. Chokers are designed to give your neck the appearance of length. That's why wearing a choker definitely makes you feel long, elegant, and super sophisticated.

    Statement Pieces

    Statement necklaces are amazing. They really live up to their name too. You can take the most simplistic outfit and turn it into a masterpiece with just a statement necklace. Most statement necklaces have beautiful stone pendant or detailing in the metal it's made from. These necklaces can be paired with any look as well. A statement necklace is fab for the office, date nights, and brunch with friends.

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