Tips On Creating Your Own Personal Style
    Tips On Creating Your Own Personal Style

    Tips On Creating Your Own Personal Style

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    Fashion and style are two different things. Women’s fashion is what you buy. Style introduces who you are as a person. It represents you way before you even open up your mouth. Style can help you gain the attention of the whole room just by entering it. Presenting yourself as confident, creative and sexy. It can also make people remember who you are even after you leave. Here are 5 tips to help you get started on your style journey.

    Get To Know Your Body Type

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    Get acquainted with your body and figure out what fits you best. If you aren’t sure, try this. Put on your favorite outfit and tell yourself what you like. Take note of things like, it’s tight in the right places, or loose in the right places. Then think about your body type. Is your shape more of an hourglass?, Pear?, etc…... These are things to keep in mind the next time you shop. Keep doing this and you’ll see a drastic change in your closet selection.

    Style Your Personality


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    Attitude has a lot to do with your personal style. Are you edgy? Or more on the soft, fun, flirty side? You can play with any look that you want. Sometimes it depends on the day. One day you could be feeling romantic and flirty, and the next you may feel a little edgy and badass.  Stay true to how you feel and your style will always shine through.

    Have Fun


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    The most stylish girls are always the happiest ones. When you’re happy you’re free spirited and more likely to be open minded. Don’t be afraid to try new prints this summer. Getting into prints and patterns are a sure fire way to keep you in any trend effortlessly. Remember, something daring can take your style to new heights.

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